Interview video de Andrea LaQuartacorda


10 minutes with Andrea Quartacorda from Alex Dirtyvonp on Vimeo.

10 minutes avec Andrea Laquartacorda.
Interview vidéo en français avec sa retranscription anglaise en dessous. Interview Andrea Laquartacorda par Alex Dirtyvonp.
Et voici la retranscription en anglais :
L’Ecole des Cordes presents : « Ten minutes with Andrea Laquartacorda »

Could you introduce you, your name, where do you come from, … ?
My name is Andrea La Quartacorda and I come from Florence in Italy.

Why did you choose this nickname ?
La Quartacorda means the fourth string, it is a way to play violin, because I am a musician, it is a play on words, a parallel with the ropes in shibari.

For how long time do you practice shibari ?
I practice for a long time but for 6 years with a lot of attendance.

How did you begin to do shibari ?
It is interesting because I didn’t like bondage before.
I broke with my ex fiancée and then I looked for a new thing, I discovered shibari and I started to tie, I did a lot of workshops, private classes and trips (London, Copenhagen, Tokyo, …).

Why did you start to like ropes at a time ?
I liked BDSM but I didn’t like the rope, the object. Then I discovered what ropes mean, what is the symbolic and I started to appreciate it very much.

What are your inspirations, which styles and riggers do you appreciate ?
I like traditional bondage very much, meanly Naka, Masato, Nureki and Yukimura San.

And your style is inspired from these styles ?
Yes I don’t do a specific style, I took different things from all these styles to create my own style, my technics, …

Do you have any other inspiration ?
Yes the japanese culture inspire me very much.
I think that we cannot be Japanese in Europe, but we can pick up some things and adapt them to make something interesting here in Europe.

What are you searching practicing ropes ?
I think to tie means to communicate, the rope his a way to communicate like talking, …
I can ask a question and you can answer me with ropes only.
And it is incredible for me.

Do you think there are some common points or differences between ropes and music ?
I think it is different, because in music I play first for me and then for others people, but for ropes I play first for my partner and then for me.
But ropes and music are similar because you need to practice a lot, to exercise, to practice the scales… I think we learn so much tying ourselves.

What could be your advice for someone who would like to start ropes ?
I think the most important thing at the begining is to do a lot of lessons and workshops because technic is important to know. It is not possible to improvise in shibari.
Technic, aesthetic and communication are linked, you need these 3 elements to have a beautiful bondage.

Thank you very much Andrea and good bye.